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Bioceramed is a Portuguese company specialized in the development, manufacture and sale of class III medical devices for applications in orthopedics, traumatology,

spine surgery, and dental surgery.

Currently, Bioceramed sells products to more than 50 countries around the world.

Bioceramed is a spin-off of CERAMED Revestimentos, which since 2005 has coated

more than 1 million prostheses.

Innovation in the medical field has been at the base of Bioceramed growth.

Our Design & Development team, in collaboration with partners academics,

develops biomaterials and solutions for bone regeneration.


Bioceramed mission is to contribute to the development of biomedical technology, namely; Introducing new technologies and products in the area.

Providing services, committed to continuous improvement through efficiency and reliability of

its customers' products and processes;

Making every effort to introduce new technologies to increase the level of provision of its portfolio of services provided;

Responding to the responsibilities and requirements assumed within the scope of the company's certification;

Executing all the obligations and duties assumed during the scope of the CE Marking.


The Bioceramed Quality Management System is certified by ISO 13485;2016, which ensures that all established requirements are in accordance with the manufacturing requirements of medical devices.

All products are CE marked (93/42/EEC)

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