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Osteoconductive graft that favors bone regeneration

bioceramed trioss

Resorbable synthetic bone substitute intended to fill bone defects in the skeletal system that are not intrinsic
to the stability of the bone structure. 

Used in orthopedics and traumatology, dental implantology
and spine surgery.

Benefits of TriOSS®

bioceramed trioss

 TriOSS® is composed only of β-tricalcium phosphate, 
favoring a rapid rate of resorption.

 TriOSS® is a porous graft with interconnected porosity, 
increasing graft vascularization and colonization 
by bone cells. 

 TriOSS® is available in various bead sizes, 
blocks and wedges.

 TriOSS® is radiopaque, which allows monitoring 
of the regenerative process.

bioceramed trioss
bioceramed trioss
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